Agape Humanitarian Aid Foundation (AHAF)

Agape Humanitarian Aid Foundation (AHAF)

Agape Humanitarian Aid Foundation (AHAF)

It focuses on a holistic approach to the Gospel in order to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of vulnerable people.

The vision is to see a “society where the lives and rights of the vulnerable are protected, revived, given hope and set on course for future benefit of society.’’

Core Contributions

a)    Spiritual Needs. Prayers for comfort, healing and encouragement are offered. Evangelism and discipleship trainings are conducted so that Christians can continue to keep their faith, share their faith and help others to do the same.

b)    Physical Needs. The objective here is to seek to meet the physical and material needs of victims i.e. giving relief materials, medicine, food, etc. 

c)     Trauma Counseling. Those who have been emotionally traumatized will be counseled by partners of AHAF with such ministry skills.

The values of AHAF are:

a)    Integrity: live and practice what we preach.

b)    Service: giving our time, resources and skills to achieve our goal.

c)     Empathy: we feel what they feel.

d)   Faith: we believe in God and that the vulnerable will have a better life.

e)    Networking: we cannot do it alone, we must work with others.


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