Dealing with Life’s Questions

Why do you look the way you look? Why do bad things happen? What happens when you pray? Is God good?

What if these questions could be answered?


Is Everything Relative?

One of the most common viewpoints held by college students today is the belief that “everything is relative,” meaning that there aren’t any absolute truths in the world.

This article attempts to refute relativism and show how the existence of morality necessarily means that God exists.


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My Story: Finding Purpose and Meaning

You are not alone if you have ever wondered about the meaning of life or your purpose. Browse stories of some who received an answer to this question.

Can I Find Peace in a Messed-up World?

It's human nature to pursue happiness by trying to rigorously work our way there. Here are stories of some who found true peace by doing just the opposite.

Will I Ever Be Happy?

One atheist discovers true happiness by experiencing a love that brought him from a lifetime of doubt in God to an eternity of faith in Christ.

Is God Real?

Is There a God?

Just once wouldn’t you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God’s existence? No arm-twisting? No statements of, “You just have to believe”?

Well, here are six straight-forward reasons to believe God exists.


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Is Jesus God?

Who is Jesus? This article lays out our only three options of who Jesus is: a liar, a luntatic, or Lord.

What About Other Religions?

Are all religions worshiping the same God? Let's consider that.

Does God Answer Prayer?

What is prayer? How is it done? What happens when you do it?


What I Did After Surviving a Mass Shooting

What one man learned after dodging death when a shooter targeting a U.S. Representative killed six people, including a child.


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Where is God in a World of Evil and Suffering?

Where is God during tragedies? How can I continue to believe in God?

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Is there significance to the hard things that we face? How can any good come from them?

How Do I Find Hope While Suffering?

What are we to do with the wreckage that tragedy leaves in its wake? There is hope to be found.


How “The Dream” Really Can Come True

It's been more than five decades since the 1963 March on Washington where Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech was delivered. Yet none of us can say we have fully lived up to Dr. King's vision.


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Why Was I Born This Way?

What do you believe about yourself? Try this simple experiment to help you find your true identity.

What Can I Do About Racism?

We might not even recognize this subtle form of racism, because we haven’t been trained to look for it.

What About Poverty?

At its root, poverty is a lack of options. And nowhere in America do people have fewer options than in our inner cities.

How Can I Know God?

Would You Like to Know God Personally?

What does it take to begin a relationship with God? Devote yourself to unselfish religious deeds? Become a better person so that God will accept you? 
You may be surprised that none of those things will work. But God has made it very clear in the Bible how we can know Him.

The following principles will explain how you can personally begin a relationship with God, right now, through Jesus Christ...


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