It was observed that “only two percent of believers in America regularly share their faith in Christ with others.” In other words, the ordinary Christian will never “share their faith” in their lifetime, but in today’s digital age, almost everyone is comfortable with sharing media/video on social networks. This is why Indigitous has been working on developing evangelical short films, apps, tools and platforms that can help believers share their faith with friends, family and the whole world. Digital Day of Outreach (DDO) is a focus day we are proposing to churches, fellowships and mission agencies.

“Effective Evangelism is taking the initiative to share the gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the resut to God”-Dr. Bill Bright

How DDO Works!

1. Prepare your Heart      Venue: We recommend you find a comfortable place within or outside the church/fellowship with good wireless Internet. Gadget: Ask everyone to bring any of the following: laptop, smart phone, tablet. Start with prayer.

 2. Message Specific Friends Message you think will get them to want to watch the initial video. It could be as simple as: Hey! I just saw this video and was wondering what you would think of it. It’s only 4 minutes. Watch it and let me know what you think http://www.fallingplates.

3. Post the Link or Picture to Facebook/twitter/instagram You may want to reach out to an even broader audience than your immediate friends, so have everyone post to their various Social Media channels. Personalize your message however you like and be creative. 

4. Ask Follow-up Questions The goal of sharing the video is to start the conversation. As people interact with you, be ready to engage them in some followup questions. Here are a few ideas: What was your favorite part? Which picture stuck out to you the most?