Joseph Na’answan and his friend Paul Ajiji were in their first year in Plateau State University (PLASU), Bokkos. They wanted to tell other students about Christ on campus but they felt unprepared. “I was preparing to go to the university as a freshman, Joseph says. “My friend introduced me to African students and young professionals mission conference which held at Covenant University Ota organized by the Great Commission Movement”. Joseph and Paul drove more than 20hours to attend Pamoja Africa (Together Africa) conference in Ota Ogun State, Nigeria in 2012. Over 1000 excited participants attended the event.

The event focused on Christ-centered students and young professionals who were challenged to trust God to transform Africa socially, economically and spiritually.  “While at the conference” Joseph says. “God opened my eyes to the desperate need of laborers for the harvest. I was really excited to see young people coming to love God and be committed to go. That was my heart, to help others to get to know God.” The event inspired Joseph to move from the sidelines to launching a movement on his campus.


Joseph & Paul

Back on campus, Joseph and Paul started by sharing the gospel with their roommates. Every morning they prayed and read the Bible together. “We began to pray for our campus and sharing the gospel with others and getting them involve in evangelism and discipleship.” said Joseph. They also started receiving distance coaching from our missionary staff, which was helpful as ministered to other students.

The ministry then expanded to their hostels, then to their major areas of study and after that to different faculties. Now, less four years later, this student-led movement has more than 140 students excited about making Jesus known.

“What I’m trusting God to see happen in the next few years is that we have new crop of leaders on the campus who are so passionate about Jesus, Who could stand to share their faith, those who can impart generation positively for Jesus.” Joseph says. At present Joseph and Paul have seen the 4th generation of their disciples totally 143 in all. See more details below:

First generation= 65; Second generation= 46; Third generation= 12 and Fourth generation= 21.


Testimonies from Disciples of Joseph and Paul

“I’m a second generation disciple  of Paul Ajiji. Paul discipled Nambal Levi who discipled me.  I have groups of disciples on campus and a group at home. I Thank God because some of my disciples have their own disciples too.”- Labang Michael, Microbiology Department.

“I joined the movement in PLASU in the year 2013 through a friend of mine who invited me for Evangelism and Discipleship training. In the course of the training I learned how to share my faith effectively using the Four Spiritual Laws…I had always had the the passion for winning souls for Christ I have not learned how to do that effectively…ever since then I have practically been sharing my faith with others…” – Juliet Jok, Mass Communication Department.

“I got to know about the Great Commission Movement through Joseph. He told me about the great impact the movement is involved in on our campus. At that time in my life I was struggling with being exemplary and leading others to Christ. So it was more of an answered prayer. I became involved on campus in a discipleship group through which I got to share Christ with others”. – Joseph Mafen Davo, Psychology Department.

“So it was more of an answered prayer. I became involved on campus in a discipleship group through which I got to share Christ with others”