From 11th to 16th August 2014 our campus staff working in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria and the student disciples embarked on a mission of connecting the word of God to the souls of the students through evangelism. The program was tagged “Mass Evangelism”. We prayed, paired up daily and shared the gospel of salvation with as many students that were willing to hear. At the end of the week, 147 people were reached with the gospel while 24 prayed to receive Christ. On the last day, we had a time of celebration with some of the students we had reached out to in order to further encourage them to be part of our discipleship bible study.


Part of our discipleship process is periodic training on evangelism and discipleship. The training is aimed at helping the participants to lay a deep foundation of Christian faith and to begin personal evangelism, follow up and discipleship. During the weekend of 16th to 17th May, we took our disciples in Zaria through this training. We had 47 people in attendance and we were able to run three modules of the training concurrently. Part of the excitements of the training for us was that those that had done modules one and two before brought their disciples for modules one while they were attending modules two and three concurrently!!