In the past four years, Great Commission Movement of Nigeria has been sending missionaries, students and young professionals, to other West African countries in order to build movements of Christians who are passionate for Christ and excited to disciple people of other nations.It started in 2010 through an initiative called ‘Africa Project’. The vision is to accelerate reaching the world for Christ by adopting, engaging and building spiritual movements on campuses and communities in Africa. The countries adopted include Niger, Benin, Chad, Cameroon and Sierra Leone. Our goal is raise and send minimum of 20 leaders (disciples) yearly to spend minimum of two weeks in our adopted countries, lunching and building spiritual movements. Our focus in this edition is on the Cameroon team.

By 2013 the Cameroon team numbering 14 were on their third missionary visit to the University of Buea, in southern Cameroon. The student-disciples on that trip were from the University of Abuja, the University of Jos and Plateau State University. The journey was both by land and water from Jos through the Nigeria-Cameroon border at Calabar to their final destination in Cameroon. Buea was chosen as an entry point because it is an English-speaking region of Cameroon. The day after the team arrived in Buea, work began. Every morning, everyone gathered together for inspiring devotion, prayer and briefing to set the tone for the day, and thereafter the team went to the university hotels to share their faith in Christ. Here are some comments from the disciples after they came back.

Che Evert L. is a student from Cameroun. “I have had many teachings on discipleship and spiritual movement” he said. “I have learnt many things and have much more been encouraged by this visit….It is true that our whole lives should be directed towards the Great Commission, a lesson which has been rekindled in my soul during this time. I am taking the initiative to start a discipleship group with my classmates. Praise the Lord.”

Juliet R. is a student from Plateau State University for whom this trip was her first missionary journey experience. Here is what she had to say: “God reminded me of his divine purpose for my life and how I have not been living in accordance to His will. God also brought the issue of dying to self….I know God had a divine purpose for granting me to be part of this team. I am trusting God to do His will every day of my life. I truly desire that His beauty will be seen in my life at home, in school, and in the society.”

Moses N. is studying Political Science at the University of Jos. According to him, “Cameroon project is God’s expression of his faithfulness beyond my faith. I was moved to tears when I reflected on the trip. Now, more than ever before, I see that serving God’s missionary mandate is the greatest privilege any Christian could ever have. I’m blessed beyond expression.”

Bitrus A. from the University of Abuja believes he has learnt a lot from this experience. He said, “I have learnt how to coordinate programs with a purpose and to carry people along in my vision. The project has helped me to build myself to be prepared for sharing Christ everyday. There is great humility and tolerance in mission work or field. It has helped me to know that I must avail myself first before I could make exploits in the field as a missionary.”

Prince Adebayode D. is a Professional based in Abuja said, “I can see God changing my locality and beyond for his glory…I am indeed indebted to God.”

The mission statistics from University of Buea outreach:

No. of students evangelised = 170

No. of students who prayed to receive Christ = 62

No. of students who prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit = 21

No. of student who started follow-up with the team = 17

Join us to praise for this fruit time and also pray that the Lord Jesus will nurture these disciples to help fulfill His purpose here on earth.