from Dioila to Bamako through the eyes of Ogunsakin Oladele Samuel, A Short Term Missionary with the Great Commission Movement of Nigeria. The three days journey started from Ibadan on 28th September, 2016. We travelled through the boarders of Nigeria, Rep. Du Benin, Burkina Faso and finally arrived at Bamako, Mali on Friday evening 30th September, 2016. We were welcomed by the Premiere Baptiste Eglise, Bamako Pastor.
 Mali, a landlocked country situated at northern part of West Africa shares boarder with Burkina Faso, Algeria, and Guinea. A country ranked among the world’s poorest nations with a population of about 14.5 million people is 88% Islam, 3% Christianity and 9% Traditional Religion, the most spoken language is Bambara followed by Fulani Language.


  • One on one evangelism, sometimes with Pastor in charge of the mission Church in Dioila and also shared tracts and evangelism booklet in French and Bambara. The Evangelism yielded results leading to follow up bible study for new converts.
  • Assisted the Pastor in various programs of the Church and also at the preaching Station at Djana Village i.e. preaching, leading prayers and bible study.
  • Preached at the preaching station at Tiendo Village and also at the radio at Mamadare Radio, a community radio in Dioila.
  • Encouraged and shared the Word of God with brethren at Kamabougou Village.
  • Performed administrative duties by assisting the Director of the Mission School.
  • Taught English language in the Mission School (Pry. 1 – 4) and assisted in the Nursery and Crèche section of the Mission School. Also organized free English language tutorials for youths and teenagers in the church community.
  • Co-facilitated a seminar held on Evangelism in the Church at Dioila.
  • Handed over Bible Study/Follow Up members to the Dioila Church Pastor (did follow up Bible study with 5 people 1 of which became a Christian before my departure).




  • Preached the sermons for 3 Sunday worship services.
  • Shared of tracts and booklets.
  • Led the prayer meeting.
  • Strategic one-on-one evangelism.
  • Helped in designing the Church Logo, Letterhead and Complimentary card for the pastor.
  • Assisted in Church member’s visitation.


  • Language and communication barrier.
  • Many are afraid to be converted from Islam to Christianity due to threat from parents and family members to disown them.
  • Lack of evangelism materials in the indigenous language (Bambara).
  • The welfare of the pastors especially the indigenous pastors is very poor.
  • Bamako is a tough area to do evangelism due to current presence of Islam extremist especially in the Church area (KALANBA-COURA).

Most Malian youths and teenagers love sports so much, especially football (male) and basketball (female), Sports ministry is a vital medium that can used to share the gospel in a difficult place like Mali. Churches and Pastors are in need of various items to make worship and their work more effective; urgent need of a small car in Bamako Church, musical instruments in Dioila Church among others, also the newly planted Church in Namaribougou area of Bamako needs chairs, pulpit, hymn books etc.





“Showing the Jesus film in 3 neighborhoods exposed 386 people to the gospel out of which 57 of them prayed to receive Christ…”


An eleven-member team of missionaries with the ministry visited the Gambia last year October to November to further strengthen the work already started there. They had an activity-full two weeks which consisted surveys, trainings and witnessing to students on two different campuses.

Witnessing one on one on The Gambian College, Brikama and Management Development Institute, Serrekunda campuses, we reached out to a total of 340 students and 30 0f them prayed to receive Christ.

Showing the Jesus film in 3 neighborhoods exposed 386 people to the gospel out of which 57 of them prayed to receive Christ. All of these people who prayed to receive Christ were handed over to the ministry in the Gambia for further discipleship.

We conducted trainings on evangelism and discipleship for 42 students from the campuses we had reached out to of which majority of them were from The Gambian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (GAMFES) who on our arrival had shown interest and partnered with us to reach out to their campuses. At the end of the training, 14 of them committed themselves to continue in what they had learnt. Also, in a Nursing School in Banjul, 20 students and one lecturer were also trained on how to reach out.

We realized some idol worshippers were busy raining incantations every morning. So, we also went on prayer walks in the morning to counter-saturate the environment with the presence of God. It was a wonderful experience in all. We give God praise.